Accounts Payable Automation 

Front-End: ExFlow Data Capture (OCR) & ExFlow 

Wednesday, September 7th - December 14th

Register 11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

Back-End: APEFT, Positive Pay, & Bank Reconciliation

Wednesday, September 7th - December 14th

Register 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm ET

What's Included in our Front-End AP Automation Session: 

ExFlow Data Capture (OCR):

  • As a cloud service, does not require any new servers and is low maintenance for IT departments.
  • Invoices can be uploaded one by one or in batches
  •  Supports the following file formats for invoice images: PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and TIF.
  • Validated invoice data and the invoice image is transferred to ExFlow for processing


  • Support all types of invoices including paper, pdf and other digital formats
  • Invoice information is interpreted down to line level. Supplier, quantity, item number, and unit price data is imported and validated in Dynamics 365 for F&O. Missing data can be adjusted or added manually
  • Provides pre-coding of all incoming invoices, streamlining the process and minimizing manual labor
  • Uses the captured data to match invoices against purchase orders, contracts and/or goods receipts in order to determine how the invoice should be processed 
  • If unmatched invoices or errors are identified, invoices are routed for approval. Approvers are notified via email to ensure rapid approval
  • Approved invoices are automatically posted into the general ledger before they are archived. Ability to access any invoice directly from the Dynamics 365
  • Real-time data processing, ensuring that financial reports always show correct figures
  • Offers full support for mobile devices
  • Option to accrue all non-posted invoices via an automatically created journal

What's included in our Back-End AP Automation Session: 


  • Prebuilt formats that match your bank’s specifications
  • Ability to automate building and uploading payment file to your bank.
  • Ability to automate processing of response files to reject or approve payment lines
  • Ability to automate remit advice emails and journal posting based on email or file-based bank response.
  • Ability to quickly reverse posted payments
  • Ability to control via workflow and/or separate permissions.

Positive Pay:

  • Prebuilt formats that match your bank’s specifications
  • Ability to completely automate building files and uploading to your bank at Check journal posting or specific time of day
  • Ability to create single file and upload across multiple check runs and/or multiple legal entities. Save on per file charges!

Bank Reconciliation:

  • Ability to automatically download and read in bank statement files.
  • Auto-creation of bank statements with ending balance
  • Sophisticated matching rules to get highest automatic matching
  • Ability to automate journal entries for bank fees, ZBA sweeps, transfers, etc. upon file import.

Accounts Receivable Payment Processing

AReSettlement, Lockbox, ePay, & Credit Card Advantage

Thursday, September 8th - December 15th

Register 11:30 am - 12:30 pm ET

Interested in seeing our other functions?

Supply Chain Finance – automate process sending/receiving invoice, acknowledgement and settlement files to/from your SCF provider through making final payment to SCF provider.

Bank to Bank – automate process of transferring funds between your company’s bank accounts at the same or different banks. No longer need to sign on bank portal to do bank to bank transfers!

Customer Reimbursement – automate process of issuing electronic refund/reimbursement payments to customers with credit balances. Issue refunds based on amount or number of days open of the credit transactions.


What's Included in our AR session:

AR eSettlement:

  • Automatic payment and settlement creation based on input file from your bank.
  • Ability to locate invoices by invoice number, SO number, Bill of Lading, etc.
  • Ability to quickly apply settlements when payment (bank file) and remit info (email) are separated via remit text analysis  

Credit Card Advantage:

  • Drastically reduce PCI compliance scope by getting new card info from customers without CC number being exposed to back office personnel
  • Ability to take credit card payment directly in D365 Payment Journal, Sales Order, Call Center, Project invoicing process
  • Ability to quickly get credit card prepayment and attach to a Sales Order.
  • Control when authorization occurs in SO (Pick/Pack/Confirmation/Release to Warehouse)
  • Automatically apply credit card payment to settle invoicing at Sales Order invoicing time.
  • Support for multiple major gateways

ePay Advantage:

  • Present customer invoices to customer facing portal
  • Allow customer to enter and maintain their own credit cards
  • Give customers visibility to open invoice, invoice and payment history.
  • Allow customers to make credit card or e-Check payments
  • Support for multiple major gateways