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Interactive Solution Demos

Every week our Solution Architects host live interactive demos that provide an overview of our most popular embedded financial automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics F&SC. Scroll down to register and see what else we can offer you. 

AP Invoicing Automation & OCR Scanning

Every Wednesday through December 11, 2024

at 11 am - 12 pm ET


Modules Included:
  • ExFlow Data Capture: A cloud service that automates the capture and validation of invoices. Validated invoice data and the invoice image is transferred to ExFlow for processing

  • ExFlow (powered by SignUp Software): Automates the entire invoice process; invoice import/ data validation, coding, invoice matching, approval workflow, final posting and archiving


AP Payment Processing & Reconciliation

Every Wednesday through December 11, 2024

at 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm ET


Modules Included:
  • BankFabric: hosted communications method for securely sending and receiving files between Dynamics and your bank(s). 
  • AP EFT: automates the process of building/uploading payment files to the bank, the processing of response files to reject or approve payment lines, and remit advice emails and journal postings based on email or electronic bank response. (Outbound vendor payments, included ACH, Wires, SEPA, BACS, etc.)
  • Positive Pay: Outbound file to the bank to protect checks printed out of the ERP. Completely automate building files and uploading to your bank at journal posting or specific time of the day. (protects against check fraud)
  • Bank Reconciliation: Automated daily, monthly reconciliation of bank statement files including mapping and matching rules to match transactions in D365. Ability to automate journal entries for bank fees, ZBA sweeps, transfers, etc. upon file import, and automatically download and read in bank statement files.

Cash Application & Credit Card Processing

Every Thursday through December 12, 2024

at 11:30 am - 12:30 pm ET


Modules Included:
  • AR eSettlement: Automatic payment and settlement creation based on input file from your bank. Processing lockbox files and other types of customer payment files to apply payments automatically to customer invoices.
  • Credit Card Advantage: PCI-Compliant Credit Card Processing. Receive the credit card info from customers without the CC number being exposed to back-office personnel. Automatically apply credit card payment to settle invoicing at Sales Order invoicing time.
  • ePay Advantage: Automatic loading of customer invoices into branded portal. Customer can manage their own wallet, pay bills via cc and eCheck. Automatic processing in real-time with payment application in ERP.

Additional functionality we offer:

  • AR Direct Debit: Outbound file to your bank with instructions to directly debit customer bank accounts to pay invoices. 
  • Payment Factory Automation: Creation of payment calendar and the automated creation of payment proposals 
  • Inhouse Banking: Operate as Bank Service facility to your subsidiaries
  • Supply Chain Finance: Integration with your supply chain financing provider for seamless payment instructions between D365 and the provider, with format support. 
  • Bank-to-Bank Transfer: You no longer need to go out to your bank portal to move your funds around. Execute bank transfers in your ERP – support for intra-bank or inter-bank transfers.
  • Customer Reimbursement: No need to create a vendor record simply to send a reimbursement to your customer. 
  • Multi-Company EFT: Combine vendor payment files across multiple companies before transmitting to your bank to reduce fees and ease automation.
  • ePay Auto-Pay: Add-on to ePay to support auto-pay contracts with customer. Charges payment method automatically at time of invoice.
  • P-Card Reconciliation: facilitates easy import expenses coded in a third party system into a D365 journal. 

Want to learn more about any of our additional offerings?